Grooming Brush - Easy Grip Dandy

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Keep your horse beautiful and clean with a brush they will love. Our Mrs. Ros Easy Grip Dandy Brush will not irritate the skin and provides a relaxing experience for you both.

There is no greater feeling than cleaning your horse before and after a great ride. It's a relaxing chore that further bonds you and your favorite riding companion. This stiff horse brush is gentle on the skin but strong enough to loosen the most stubborn dirt, hair, and dried mud. The brush has an easy to grip handle. It can be used on the horse's body in short swipes to knock the loose particles from the horse's coat.

Made with natural fibers, this brush is flexible while also maintaining sturdy bristles for the best results. It can be used year-round. Best used after loosening up dirt with a curry comb. Follow up with the Mrs. Ros Body Brush for a polished, shiny coat.

Key Features:

  • All Natural Bristles
  • Easy Grip Wooden Base
  • 22.3 x 5.8 x 6.3 cm